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HO SEN Ipoh white coffee is made only with natural ingredients in a hygienic roasting facility that compiles with the Islamic HALAL food production requirement. We are certified HALAL by Islamic Religious Department of Perak, Malaysia. Certification Ref. No. H-08-772. (Jabatan Agama Islam Perak)

Below is the Nutrition Fact Analysis Report conducted by BIOCHEM Laboratories Sdn Bhd
(a ISO/IEC 17025 independent laboratory accredited by Jabatan Standard Malaysia
ref no SAMM20) in accordance to international standard on our white coffee product;
Bacteriological Analysis Report


Specification Result
Test Method FDA-BAM, 1995
Standard Plate Count @37”C  
for 48hours per gm
1.8x10 Not>5x10 PASS
Coliform Count (MPN) per gm 0 <10 PASS
Escherichia Coli (MPN) per gm 0 Absent PASS
Coagulase Positive Staphylococus 0 <10 PASS
Aureus @37’C for 48hrs (MPN) per gm absent Absent PASS
Samonella (in 25 grams sample) absent Abesnt PASS
Test Method AS 1766 : as 1980
Yeast per gram sample <10 <10 PASS
Mould per gram sample <10 <10 PASS
Metal Contamination Analysis
Antimony (ppm) <0.5 1 PASS
Cadmium (ppm) <0.1 1 PASS
Tin (ppm) <1.0 40 PASS
Arsenic (ppm) <0.010 1 PASS
Lead (ppm) <0.1 2 PASS
Mercury (ppm) <0.010 0.05 PASS
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